Xiao LI

Design and implementation of software in the loop architecture for active space debris removal high-fidelity scenarios

The thesis is part of the HELEN project which aims to create a high-fidelity testing environment for the active space debris removal capturing system (FlexeS). The thesis is focused on developing real-time photorealistic in-orbit simulations (digital twin) for the capturing system, as well as designing and implementing a software-in-the-loop architecture for testing the latter.

Project Information

Duration: 3+1 years from January 15, 2022

Funding Source
474.972,50 €
Main Supervisor
Prof. Dr. Miguel Olivares-Mendez
Prof. Dr. Miguel Olivares-Mendez (SnT-UL); Dr. Carol Martinez-Luna (SnT-UL, Co-Supervisor); Dr. Gonzalo Rodriguez (Spacety Luxembourg)
Xiao LI
Spacety Luxembourg