Loïck Chovet

DLT-based decision-making strategies of heterogeneous multi-robot system for planetary exploration

FiReSpARX’ objective is to use distributed ledger technologies as well as intelligent agent technologies to develop space robots that follow a given governance (RegTech) and make autonomous economic decisions (FinTech) to jointly create collaborative MRS. This form of dynamic collaboration between space robots could lower market barriers in the space sector and thus transform the whole industry. This topic hence perfectly fits Luxembourg’s national research priorities “Autonomous and intelligent systems and robotics for earth and space“ as well as “Fintech/RegTech and transformative applications of distributed ledger technologies“.

Project Information

Duration: 3 + 1 years

Funding Source
Main Supervisor
Prof. Dr. Miguel Olivares-Mendez
Prof. Gilbert Fridgen; Prof. Dr. Kazuya Yoshida
Loïck Chovet